Why Work With Southern Insurance Group


The agents we work with are like family to us. We count on relationships to help solidify our partnerships.

Strategy & Solutions

We provide you with the best available strategy for success when servicing your clients and while in the field.

Training & Support

We offer you a personalized support, service and the tools that you need in the field- at no charge to our contracted agents.


Southern Insurance Group's contracted agents are truly independent and operate on their own schedule.

Leadership & Expertise

We provide you with the leadership in the field to help you in the right direction and give you the expertise to help others around you.


You can rely on Southern to provide you with the most up to date compliance laws and regulations.


Southern Insurance Group is committed to offering the best quality service and marketing expertise possible. We wish to establish successful partnerships with our agents, business colleagues, and insurance companies.

From our family to yours, we are dedicated to always serve the nations independent agents by offering the best "Products, Service, and Opportunity."

About Southern Insurance Group

Southern Insurance Group is a Tennessee based insurance marketing and distribution company offering superior product lines specializing in Medicare Advantage programs since 2005. We represent major insurers in those programs including Humana, Aetna Coventry, and Cigna-HealthSpring. We are proud to be recognized as one of the top regional offices in the nation for Humana. We have an extensive portfolio of other products available.

Organized in 1981, we started our business in the Medicare Supplement market with such companies as Union Fidelity, PioneerLife, and United American to name a few. We have a broad knowledge in this market spanning over three decades. Our dedicated office staff has a combined total of 131 years experience in delivering unmatched exceptional service to our agents. The relationships that we have built and maintained over the years have proven to be invaluable. Southern serves a field force of broker agents in 49 states across the nation. We look forward to the successful partnerships that we will build and the boundless opportunities that the future holds.

Our Team

Chief Executive Officer / President
Mark Gilliam
(931) 762-0880 ext. 124
Chief Financial Officer / General Compliance Officer
Emily Gilliam
(931) 762-0880 ext. 122
Marketing Director / Interim Medicare Compliance Officer
Alison Gilliam
(931) 762-0880 ext. 150
Sales Executive
Pat Ezell
(931) 762-0880 ext. 127
Sales Executive
Jason Wilburn
(931) 762-0880 ext. 132
Sales Executive
Abby Gilliam
(931) 762-0880 ext. 149
Marketing Representative / Forms Administrator
Paige Martin
(931) 762-0880 ext. 130
Commissions Manager
Karla Carter
(931) 762-0880 ext. 123
Commissions Analyst
Brittany Gillespie
(931) 762-0880 ext. 131
Web Development & Internet Marketing Manager
Nathan Crews
(931) 762-0880 ext. 141
Web Developer
Atticus Wright
(931) 762-0880 ext. 148
Web Developer
Cody Foust
(931) 762-0880 ext. 147
Email Coordinator / Web Designer
Jason Allen
(931) 762-0880 ext. 142
Licensing & Contracting Manager
Tammy Smith
(931) 762-0880 ext. 121
Contracting Specialist
Kristin Harris
(931) 762-0880 ext. 129
Administrative Support Assistant
MacKenzie Arrowood
(931) 762-0880 ext. 135
Assistant to CFO/HRO
Becca Gray
(931) 762-0880 ext. 128